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eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

eDarling is a leading online dating site that caters to an active audience seeking long term relationships. What sets eDarling apart from other dating websites is its incredible platform, offering all the features one desires in a dating service along with a comprehensive personality test and expert dating tips.

eDarling stands out as an exceptional dating platform, providing a particular service for those looking for serious relationships rather than casual dates.

With its user-friendly website, mobile app, and detailed matchmaking system, eDarling ensures its members find real-life connections that go beyond the superficiality of most dating sites. As part of Spark Networks Services, eDarling boasts high review ratings and operates across various European countries while also being available in German-speaking regions.

Looking for the best dating site? Look no further than eDarling, an incredible website that caters to a diverse and active audience. With its user-friendly interface, advanced matchmaking system, and a plethora of features available even for free members, eDarling is the go-to dating platform for those seeking long-term relationships or casual dates. Curious about how to block someone on eDarling or want some dating tips? Read on to find out more about all the amazing features this site has to offer!

Active audience 2 million
Quality matches 90%
Popular age 25-35 years old
Profiles 500,000+
Reply rate 80%
Ease of use 4 out of 5
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Registration Simple and quick
eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

Pros & Cons

  • – eDarling has a vast community of singles, making it easy to find potential matches for every kind of relationship you’re looking for.
  • – With comprehensive personality tests and compatibility criteria, eDarling helps you connect with people who are truly compatible with your interests and values.
  • – The website’s user-friendly interface and smooth navigation make online dating on eDarling an enjoyable experience that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.
  • – eDarling may have a wide user base, but their search filters can be a bit too limited for my liking on this dating site.
  • – The process of signing up and completing the personality test on eDarling seems unnecessarily long and tedious compared to other online dating services out there.
  • – While eDarling claims to offer personalized matches based on compatibility, I found that the number of active users seemed relatively low in comparison to other popular dating websites.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

How Does eDarling Work?

eDarling is an online dating platform that was created in 2008 with the goal of helping individuals find meaningful relationships. With a user-friendly interface, eDarling allows users to easily register on the site and create their profiles. The registration process involves filling out a detailed questionnaire to help match users with compatible partners.

Profiles on eDarling are diverse, as it caters to a wide range of users from different backgrounds and age groups.

The dating site boasts a large user base, ensuring that there are many potential matches available for every individual. One key feature of eDarling is its comprehensive personality test, which helps determine compatibility between users.

When it comes to profile quality and user base, eDarling stands out by promoting genuine connections through its advanced matching algorithms. Furthermore, the platform prioritizes safety and privacy by employing strict verification processes and providing options for controlling who can view your profile or contact you.

In terms of support, eDarling offers assistance throughout the dating journey via their dedicated customer service team. Whether it’s answering questions about features or providing advice on using the platform effectively, users can rely on this support system to enhance their overall experience while navigating the world of online dating.

How to Make Contact on eDarling

Are you considering trying online dating? If so, it’s important to understand the different contact options available on a dating site like eDarling. This section of the article will provide an overview of the various ways users can connect and interact with others on this popular dating platform. From registration process to features, profile quality, user base, safety & privacy, and support – we will cover all aspects of contacting potential matches on eDarling.

  • On eDarling, users can connect and communicate with each other through various features like messaging, chatrooms, and video calls.
  • The online dating platform offers a user-friendly registration process allowing users to create their profiles and browse through a diverse user base.
  • eDarling ensures safety and privacy for its users, offering reliable support to address any concerns they may have.

To make contact on eDarling, users have several options available to find and connect with people for online dating. After completing the simple registration process on this popular dating site, users can start exploring the various features of the platform. With a focus on profile quality and user base, eDarling provides an extensive search function that allows users to filter potential matches based on their preferences.

Users can also take advantage of compatibility tests offered by eDarling to increase their chances of finding a compatible partner.

The dating platform ensures safety and privacy through its strict verification processes and data protection measures. In case users need any assistance or support, there is dedicated customer support available to address their concerns promptly. Overall, eDarling offers a reliable online dating experience with numerous features that cater to the needs of its diverse user base.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

Registration Process

Are you interested in joining eDarling and wondering how the registration process works? In this section, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an account on eDarling, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration experience.

  • Go to the eDarling website or download the eDarling app on your device.
  • Click on the "Register" button or option located on the homepage.
  • Fill out the required information such as your name, email address, date of birth, and choose a secure password to complete the registration process.

To proceed with the registration process on eDarling, you will need to create a profile. This step involves providing relevant information about yourself and your preferences in order to match with potential partners efficiently.

To create a profile on eDarling once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your eDarling account using the credentials you provided during the registration process.
  2. Click on the "Profile" tab located at the top of the website’s interface.
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the profile page. These fields usually include basic information like your gender, date of birth, and location.
  4. Upload a recent and clear profile picture. Note that eDarling may have specific guidelines for image sizes and formats, so make sure to comply with them.
  5. Write an attractive and engaging personal description in the provided bio section. This is your opportunity to highlight your personality, interests, and what you’re looking for in a potential partner.
  6. Specify your preferences by answering questions about your ideal match, such as their age range, education level, or smoking habits. Be honest and detailed while describing your desired attributes in a partner.
  7. Indicate and prioritize your hobbies, interests, and values by selecting options from the available categories or typing them directly into the respective sections.
  8. If relevant, provide additional details concerning your profession, education, and languages spoken. This information can help others get a better understanding of your background.
  9. Consider completing optional personality tests or questionnaires that may be available on the platform. These can enhance the matching accuracy and compatibility with other users.
  10. Double-check all the information you entered to ensure accuracy and clarity before saving your profile.
  11. Take advantage of any additional features offered by eDarling, such as uploading more photos or connecting your social media accounts (if desired).
  12. Regularly update your profile as needed to reflect any changes in your life circumstances, interests, or relationship expectations.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you will successfully create a comprehensive and appealing profile on eDarling after completing the registration process.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

Interface & Design

The interface of eDarling is simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate through the different features. The main menu is conveniently located at the top of the page, providing quick access to important sections such as matching preferences, messages, and profile settings. The design is clean and visually appealing, with a pleasant color scheme that enhances the overall user experience.

eDarling’s design focuses on displaying relevant information in a concise manner.

The homepage offers a clear overview of potential matches based on your preferences and compatibility scores. Detailed profiles provide crucial details about each user, including their interests, hobbies, and personal descriptions. With its thoughtful interface and well-organized layout, eDarling ensures that finding compatible partners becomes effortless for its users.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

What I Liked as a User

I recently had the opportunity to use eDarling for a period of three months, and I must say that I was quite impressed with its features, interface, and design. The platform offers a seamless user experience with an intuitive layout that makes navigation effortless. Furthermore, the profile quality and user base on eDarling were remarkable, featuring individuals who seemed genuinely interested in forming meaningful connections.

Additionally, I appreciated the emphasis on safety and privacy measures taken by eDarling, providing users with a secure online environment. Lastly, their customer support team was responsive and helpful whenever I encountered any issues or had questions regarding the platform.

  • The features offered by eDarling are comprehensive and user-friendly. From advanced search filters to personalized match suggestions, the platform provides a plethora of tools to enhance the online dating experience. I particularly appreciate the compatibility test feature, which helped me find potential matches based on my personality traits and interests. This feature greatly increased the chances of finding compatible partners and saved me a lot of time.
  • The interface and design of eDarling are clean, modern, and intuitive. Navigating through different sections of the website or mobile app is effortless, thanks to its well-organized layout and logical placement of features. The aesthetically pleasing design creates an enjoyable user experience, making it easier for me to focus on connecting with other users rather than struggling with the interface.
  • eDarling boasts a high-profile quality and diverse user base. The platform requires users to complete a detailed profile, including information about their hobbies, preferences, and relationship goals. This commitment to creating meaningful profiles ensures that the majority of users genuinely share relevant details, allowing for more accurate matching. Additionally, the site attracts a wide range of individuals from various backgrounds, increasing the chances of finding someone compatible and interesting.
  • Safety and privacy are top priorities for eDarling. The platform implements stringent measures to ensure the protection of user data, such as secure connections, encrypted communication, and regular security updates. Furthermore, eDarling verifies user profiles to minimize fake accounts or catfishing attempts. These safety precautions gave me peace of mind while engaging with others on the platform, knowing that my personal information and interactions were being safeguarded.
  • The support team at eDarling is responsive and helpful. Whenever I had questions or encountered any issues, their customer support promptly addressed my concerns. Their friendly and professional assistance made the overall experience even more positive and reinforced the trust I had in the platform.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?


eDarling offers a range of both free and paid features to enhance the online dating experience. While basic functions such as creating a profile and browsing other users’ profiles are available for free, premium membership unlocks additional functionalities for greater interaction and communication. This includes advanced matchmaking algorithms based on personality tests, sending unlimited messages to potential matches, and accessing detailed partner suggestions.

One unique feature on eDarling is their “What If” game, which allows users to discover potential matches outside their usual preferences. This feature presents compatible profiles that may not fit within the user’s typical criteria, broadening their options and potentially leading them to unexpectedly compatible partners. Additionally, eDarling also provides an insightful personality analysis report for each member based on the compatibility tests they take, offering valuable insights into their own traits and enhancing self-awareness in relationships.

  • In-depth personality test: eDarling provides users with a comprehensive personality assessment to determine compatibility and find suitable matches.
  • Scientific matchmaking algorithm: Utilizing advanced algorithms, eDarling suggests compatible partner suggestions based on the user’s personality traits and preferences.
  • Secure communication platform: eDarling ensures safety and privacy by providing a secure messaging system, allowing users to interact anonymously until comfortable.
  • Filtering and search options: Users can customize their search filters to specify desired criteria such as location, education, interests, or relationship goals.
  • Premium membership benefits: eDarling offers premium members access to exclusive features like unlimited messaging, viewing profile visitors, and receiving detailed analyses of their personality test results.
eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?


A paid subscription on eDarling offers several benefits, including access to advanced matchmaking algorithms and the ability to send unlimited messages. The pricing of eDarling is competitive compared to other options in the market, offering different plans based on the duration of the subscription. While it is possible to use eDarling without paying, the experience may be limited with restricted features and fewer matches. To make payments convenient for users, eDarling accepts various payment methods such as credit/debit cards and online transfers.

Unlocking additional features and increased functionality through a paid subscription on eDarling comes at competitive prices. Although free usage is available, it falls short when compared to the full range of options offered by a paid plan. Conveniently, multiple payment methods are accepted for subscriptions, allowing users to choose their preferred mode of transaction.

Subscription Option Price (per month) Features
Basic $19.90 – View partner suggestions
– Upload up to 20 photos
– Send and receive unlimited messages
Premium $34.90 – Access detailed personality report
– Verified profile badge
– See who visited your profile
Premium Plus $59.90 – All features from Premium subscription
– Receive extra matches daily
– Be prioritized in customer support

Free Services

  • eDarling offers a free registration process for users.
  • Users can create a personal profile at no cost on the platform.
  • The basic search feature is available for free, allowing users to browse potential matches.
  • eDarling provides a complimentary personality test to help users find compatible partners.
  • Users can receive a summary of their test results without any charges.
  • Access to the "What If?" feature, which shows additional profiles that may be of interest, is included in the free services.
  • Users can send smiles (flirts) to show interest in other members for free.
  • eDarling offers a limited number of messages per day for free communication between matched members.
  • With the free services, users are able to view highlighted profiles in their search results.

  • Premium Membership: Unlock additional features and benefits with eDarling’s premium membership plans.
  • eDarling App: Get access to the app for a seamless online dating experience on the go.
  • Compatibility Test: Take the in-depth compatibility test to find well-matched potential partners.
  • Profile Views: See who has viewed your profile and express interest in connecting.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Enjoy unlimited messaging to communicate with other members.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Utilize advanced search filters to narrow down your options based on specific criteria.
  • Verified Profiles: Gain access to profiles of verified members who have undergone authenticity checks.
  • Secure Communication: Ensure your interactions are secure and protected through eDarling’s encrypted communication platform.
  • Profile Highlights: Showcase your profile by highlighting it, increasing visibility among other members.
  • Incognito Mode: Browse anonymously without revealing your presence to other users.

Premium membership on eDarling offers a distinct advantage over its free counterpart in terms of pricing, making it significantly more convenient for users.

eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • eDarling sets itself apart from other sites or apps with its exceptional profile quality, ensuring that users can trust the authenticity and accuracy of the information shared by members.
  • The user base on eDarling is diverse and extensive, catering to individuals seeking meaningful connections across various backgrounds, interests, and personalities.
  • With a focus on compatibility, eDarling utilizes sophisticated algorithms and in-depth personality tests to match users based on their unique traits and preferences, resulting in more compatible potential matches.
  • The profiles on eDarling provide comprehensive insights into users’ personalities and lifestyles, allowing individuals to make well-informed decisions when pursuing connections, fostering a more genuine and fulfilling dating experience.

I have had the opportunity to browse through various user profiles on eDarling, and I must say that I am impressed with the overall profile quality. The information provided by users is detailed and well-written, giving me a clear understanding of their interests, values, and what they are looking for in a partner. Additionally, most profiles include multiple pictures which further enhance the user’s presentation. This high profile quality creates an authentic and inviting atmosphere for potential matches.

As I explored different user profiles on eDarling, one thing that stood out to me was the diverse user base. It is evident that eDarling has attracted members from various backgrounds and age groups who are seeking meaningful connections. The user base encompasses individuals from different professions, ethnicities, and regions – making it more likely to find someone compatible with specific preferences or compatibility requirements. Overall, this wide-ranging pool of users enhances the chances of finding a compatible match while offering an inclusive platform for everyone interested in online dating.

After analyzing these other member profiles on eDarling it became apparent how essential it is to make one’s own profile stand out among others. By putting effort into crafting a detailed and genuine profile description along with adding compelling photos can significantly increase visibility within such a large user base like eDarling offers as well as attract those who desire higher-profile quality interactions when searching for partners online

  • Choose a captivating profile picture that is high-quality: A visually appealing and clear profile picture catches the user’s attention and reflects your commitment to profile quality.
  • Write an authentic and compelling "About Me" section: Engaging writing showcases your personality, captures the reader’s interest, and sets you apart from other profiles in the user base.
  • Be specific about your interests and hobbies: Describing unique or uncommon activities helps make your profile memorable and increases your chances of connecting with like-minded individuals within the user base.
  • Showcase your sense of humor: Injecting clever humor into your profile demonstrates wit and can make you more intriguing to others browsing the user base.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling: Proper language skills indicate a level of intelligence and attentiveness to detail, enhancing the overall impression of profile quality.
  • Highlight your accomplishments and goals: Sharing personal achievements shows ambition and attracts individuals who appreciate drive and success, setting your profile apart from others.
  • Mention what you seek in a partner: Clearly expressing your preferences and expectations helps potential matches gauge compatibility and encourages those with shared interests/values to reach out.
  • Don’t shy away from sharing vulnerabilities: Expressing genuine emotions and vulnerabilities creates a sense of authenticity and can foster meaningful connections within the user base.
  • Update your profile regularly: Regular updates show active engagement on eDarling, which contributes to an impression of profile quality and longevity in the user base.
  • Show appreciation for cultural diversity: Acknowledging and respecting different backgrounds and cultures expands your appeal and lets others know that you value inclusivity within the user base.
eDarling Review – Does it Deliver On Its Promise?

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when using eDarling. The platform ensures user verification, fighting against bots and fake accounts for a trustworthy experience. Two-step verification is available to enhance account protection. Additionally, all photos uploaded by users undergo manual review to prevent any inappropriate or harmful content from being displayed.

As for privacy, eDarling has a comprehensive privacy policy in place to safeguard personal information shared on the platform. To further improve safety and security, eDarling could implement additional measures such as enhanced encryption protocols or more stringent identification processes during user registration. Overall, eDarling prioritizes safety and privacy but can always strive for continuous improvement in this aspect.

Fake Profiles

When using eDarling, it is important to be aware of the presence of fake profiles and bots. These accounts are created by individuals with ill intentions, aiming to deceive users for personal gain. As an online dating platform, eDarling prioritizes the safety and privacy of its users; however, instances of fake profiles can still occur. To mitigate this issue, eDarling employs a team that works diligently to detect and remove suspicious accounts promptly. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activity they encounter on the platform to further enhance the community’s safety and privacy standards.

  • Keep your safety and privacy a priority by carefully reviewing profiles on eDarling to identify any suspicious patterns or inconsistencies.
  • Look out for generic or excessively flattering messages, as bots often use automated responses that lack personalization. Take the time to engage in meaningful conversations with potential matches before sharing personal information.
  • Utilize eDarling’s features such as reporting, blocking, and flagging options to notify the platform about any suspicious activity or fake profiles you encounter, contributing to a safer and more trustworthy community.


Users of eDarling can access support through various channels. They have a dedicated support page on their website where users can find answers to common questions and submit inquiries by email. Additionally, there is a phone number available for direct contact with the support team. The response time for emails is typically within 24-48 hours, ensuring prompt assistance. With an extensive FAQ page, users can quickly find solutions without needing to reach out to support agents directly. Compared to other alternatives, eDarling offers multiple avenues for support and strives to provide efficient and helpful assistance.

eDarling provides accessible support options for its users. You can visit their support page for comprehensive information or contact them via email or phone call. Emails are usually responded to within 24-48 hours, ensuring timely resolutions to any issues or inquiries you may have. The presence of a detailed FAQ section further streamlines the process of finding answers independently. In comparison with alternative platforms, eDarling stands out by offering well-rounded customer support that caters to different needs and preferences of its user base.


Alright, gather around folks, because I’ve got some thoughts to share about the infamous eDarling. And let me tell you, this dating app is like finding a needle in a haystack – except instead of the shiny needle, all you’re left with are dull thumbtacks. Now, if you’re looking for a dating platform that’s as exciting as watching grass grow or paint dry, then boy oh boy! You’ll be thanking your lucky stars. Because eDarling brings the thrill and excitement of snoozing through Monday morning meetings to your dating life. Ain’t that just peachy? I mean, seriously people, I’ve tried more dating sites and apps than flavors at an ice cream parlor (and trust me when I say they had some weird ones there). But when it came to eDarling, it was like being stuck on a teeter-totter with no one on the other side – utterly disappointing and zero fun. Let’s talk features for a hot second.

Or should I say lack thereof? It’s as if eDarling took all the good bits from its competitors and threw them into a black hole never to be seen again. No swiping frenzy à la Tinder or witty profile prompts like OkCupid – oh no! With eDarling, you get haywire algorithms that match opposites better than oil and water. And don’t even get me started on their user base. If you thought picking socks out of a dryer always yields missing pairs, well my friend, welcome to eDarling! Here, the chances of finding someone who sparks your interest equals the likelihood of spotting Bigfoot riding unicorns in Central Park during rush hour. Not exactly encouraging now, is it? But wait for it…the best part comes when we talk about pricing!

Brace yourselves: paying for disappointment has never been so accessible! Like shelling out dough just to relish in the marvelous art of feeling utterly unimpressed? Well, eDarling has got you covered! Who needs lattes and avocado toast when you can have lackluster matches instead? So, my dear readers, here’s the verdict: steer clear of eDarling unless boring and unfulfilled is your dating M.O. This app is like a blind date with an expired coupon – a total waste of time and money. Do yourself a favor and swipe left on this snoozefest. Trust me; there are better fish in the sea – ones that won’t put you to sleep faster than counting sheep. Now if y’all excuse me, I’m off to explore some greener (and more entertaining) pastures in the online dating world. Bon voyage!

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1. Is eDarling legit?

Yep, eDarling is definitely legit! It’s a reputable online dating platform that has been around for quite some time. They have a user-friendly interface and many success stories to back them up. So, don’t hesitate to give it a go if you’re looking for love!

2. What is eDarling?

eDarling is a fantastic online dating platform designed exclusively for those who are serious about finding love and long-term relationships. With its extensive questionnaire-based matching system, it connects individuals based on compatibility, interests, and values. Your Q&A sessions with potential matches ensure you get to know each other better before taking the plunge into romance.

3. Is eDarling a scam?

As an online dating expert who has tried eDarling, I can confidently say that it is not a scam. During my experience with the platform, I found their Q&A process to be quite thorough and reassuring. So rest assured, you can trust eDarling as a legitimate online dating service.

4. How to register for eDarling?

To register for eDarling, simply head to their website and click on the big ol’ "Sign up" button. Fill in your email address, choose a password that you won’t forget (no birthdays or dogs’ names please), and answer a quick Q&A about yourself. Boom! You’re ready to rock the online dating world with eDarling.

5. How many users does eDarling have?

eDarling has a large user base, with millions of users worldwide. It’s the perfect platform to meet new people and find your potential match through their Q&A algorithm. So rest assured, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

6. Can you send messages for free on eDarling?

No, unfortunately you can’t send messages for free on eDarling. But don’t worry, the site offers some affordable membership options that give you full access to messaging and other cool features. So if connecting with potential matches is a priority for you, it might be worth considering one of their subscription plans.

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